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Helping Grow Wheelchair Tennis in North Carolina

Wheel Serve NC is a 501c3 nonprofit Community Tennis Association focused solely on exposing people with a physical disability to the sport of tennis. Our purpose is to grow, promote and support wheelchair tennis in North Carolina by creating more opportunities to play and compete across the state whether at a recreational or competitive-level of play. In accordance with USTA and the International Tennis Federation, we encourage any person with a permanent mobility-related disability to join us and experience the many benefits that come from being on a tennis court.

Why We Do What We Do

Wheel Serve NC was created because we recognized the need for more wheelchair tennis programs in our state. After years of a successful and sustainable tennis program in Charlotte, we realized that others across the state deserved this same opportunity. With that in mind, we worked with the Western Wake Tennis Association in Cary to develop a weekly wheelchair tennis program at the Cary Tennis Park. We are thrilled to see their passion and commitment as they foster a successful program. Our goal is to replicate this model in additional cities across North Carolina, developing wheelchair tennis programs from the ground-up instead of the top-down. We want all players to know that whether they are a beginner or an elite athlete that they are welcome and that so much good will come from taking the leap and reaching out to join one of our programs.

Why it’s Worth It

Wheel Serve NC strives to educate not only players, but also the community on the many benefits of wheelchair tennis. The benefits are not limited to just the individual player, but to anyone who volunteers or just witnesses what is happening on that tennis court. The satisfaction received as a player may be different than the ones received as a volunteer, but both are life-changing. As a player you are able to improve your self-confidence through personal achievement as well as gaining motivation and a support network. As a volunteer, your horizons are expanded by your interactions with people with a physical disability. Our hope is that tennis is a conduit for bridging relationships between the disabled and able-boded community and that through sport we gain a new perspective of each other.

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