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The United States Deaf Golf Association promotes active participation of golf by individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, and ensures protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions through:

Sponsorship of national championship caliber tournaments among deaf and hard-of-hearing men, women, seniors and youth in the United States.​​
Provision of outreach and organizational support to generate opportunities and awareness in the general mainstream to protect the best interests of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons to fully engage in the game of golf
Management of Advocacy/Public Relations program to minimize barriers, financial or otherwise, that might prohibit/discourage deaf and hard-of-hearing participation in the game of golf, thereby ensuring inclusion of this special population in the official golfing community in the United States and the rest of the world.

Education on the rules and etiquette of golf, ensuring support for development of a lifelong recreational activity, and emphasizing good sportsmanship/self-discipline for an enjoyable experience by all in any given setting.

Development of deaf and hard-of-hearing youth under the age of 18 via golf camps and structured golf clinics/classes that are conducted by qualified instructors who are competent in American Sign Language and other communication modalities.

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US Deaf Golf Association
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