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START – Polish Sports Association for the Disabled
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Warsaw, Poland

The Polish Disabled Sports Association “Start” is the first organization in our country, founded in 1952, which started sports and rehabilitation activities for people with disabilities. Throughout almost the entire second half of the 20th century, it was carried out in popular labor cooperatives.

The idea of ​​the Paralympic Games changed the way “Start” functioned over the years. The first games were held in 1960, the Poles made their debut on the fourth consecutive years, namely in Heidelberg in 1972.

Currently, “Start” operates on the foundations built in 1995, thanks to the reform of extending the program offer in the field of sports, recreation and tourism in the entire disabled community. Since then, more than 50 associations and clubs have been associated in “Start” , in which you can practice many sports disciplines, and you can find their catalog here! It should be borne in mind that not all disciplines that are in the program of the Paralympic Games can be trained in the “starting” clubs.

The key moment for “Start” was the establishment, also on his initiative, of the Polish Paralympic Committee in 1998. Until its inception, “Start” was responsible in Poland for the organization (including the formal and logistic trip of the Polish national team to the Olympics) and the promotion of sport for people with disabilities, as well as communication with international sports organizations for the disabled.

The basic competence of “Start” to this day is training in clubs, as well as preparation of national teams to participate in national and international championship events.

The Polish Disabled Sports Association “Start” as a non-governmental organization is an association of associations uniting sports clubs, sports unions and other legal entities whose activities are aimed at developing the sport of people with disabilities in Poland. The organizational structure of “Start” is created by the Management Board and the Audit Committee. The Office takes care of the administrative services.

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START – Polish Sports Association for the Disabled
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