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Cairnie House, Ingliston Showground
Newbridge, unknown, United Kingdom

No special equipment is required to get started. You can use a regular wheelchair, though you need to make sure wheels are clean before going on the ice. Some rinks even have their own one to borrow for those who don’t use a wheelchair in everyday life but would prefer a seated delivery position. Rinks and Clubs will have delivery sticks, so you just need warm clothes, with layers. A lap belt can give added security and allow a greater range of movement. A stability grip can also help as you progress but clubs will help you with these.

There are 22 curling rinks in Scotland and they all have access for wheelchair curling with ramps onto the ice. See here for links to wheelchair clubs around the country or sign up for a general trycurling session, most of our Scottish Curling coachees have had training in stick delivery, just indicate on the booking that you use a wheelchair. Alternatively, if you have a group of people interested, contact your local rink to arrange a special session.

When you start, the coach will take the time to introduce the techniques to you gradually and let you learn to throw the stones and practice before starting to play games.

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Scottish Curling
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