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Parasport Danmark, which was founded in 1971, works to ensure that all people with disabilities or special needs have the opportunity to play sports , e.g. by initiating, supporting and qualifying new activities and offers in clubs across the country. The association has cooperation agreements and partnerships with both specialist associations, disability organizations and municipalities, which must increase sports activity and ensure quality in the offers to the target group. In addition, Parasport Denmark organizes a wide range of projects that partly help children and young people get started with parasport, and partly intend to foster world-class elite athletes and role models.

The Danish association life has many sports offers for people with disabilities or special needs. About 460 registered clubs across the country have parasport on the program, and there are sports for people of all ages and with all kinds of disabilities or special needs: amputations, visual impairment, developmental disabilities, muscle wasting, spasticity, hearing impairments, para- and tetraplegia, etc.

Parasport Denmark is the national Paralympic committee in Denmark and a special federation under the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF) with approx. 7,990 registered members (cf. DIF’s member registration 2020 ). Athletes with disabilities in general clubs are no longer registered as parasport members, but as “ordinary” members in the respective sport, and thus they are counted under the respective federation’s special federation.

Deaf Sports has its own organization, the Danish Deaf Sports Association (DDI), which is a member of Parasport Denmark.

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Parasport Denmark
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