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International Federation of CP Football
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Worcester Waterfront, unknown, South Africa

International Federation of CP Football (IFCPF)
The ‘International Federation of CP Football’ is the international governing body for the sport of CP Football. Officially formed in January 2015, CP Football became an independent sport after 37 years under the ‘Cerebral Palsy Sport and Recreation Association’ (CPISRA).

IFCPF is responsible for the leadership, management and governance of CP Football, with a governing Board elected by our membership, and Management Team appointed by the Board to oversee day-to-day operations of the organization.

Our organisation is a ‘Recognised International Sport Federation’ by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). CP Football (Football 7-a-side) has been a Paralympic sport since the 1984 New York (and Stoke Mandeville) Paralympic Games.

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International Federation of CP Football
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