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Hellenic Sports Federation for Persons with Disabilities
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Kifisias 7 (1st floor), Ambelokipoi
Athens, Greece


The National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities was founded in 2002 and operates in accordance with the Sports Law like the other Sports Federations in Greece. Represents all categories of athletes with motor disabilities (amputation, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.), mental disability and visual impairments. She is legally recognized and a member of all International Sports Federations and Organizations by disability category and by sport who are members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). In Greece, the Hellenic Paralympic Committee is a member of the IPC.

It has in its force 70 sports clubs for the disabled throughout Greece and encourages the creation of even more for the more effective development of Sports for the Disabled in Athens and the region.

In order for a sports club to have the right to vote in the General Assembly and the right to the subsidies of the General Secretariat of Sports, it must have received the special sports recognition from the G.G.A.

The sports cultivated by the Federation are the following:

(Paralympic) Athletics, Swimming, Bench lifting, Botsia, Cycling (road & track), Golf, Wheelchair Tennis, Soccer 5, Seating Volleyball, Shooting, Judo, Archery.

(non-Paralympic) Basketball for the Mentally Handicapped, Wheelchair Dance, Chess for the Blind.

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Hellenic Sports Federation for Persons with Disabilities
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