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The WheelPower Inter Spinal Unit Games 2022
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The Inter Spinal Unit Games are held annually at Stoke Mandeville Stadium and form an essential part of many spinal patient’s rehabilitation.

Over 100 patients and 60 support staff from fourteen Spinal Injury Centres and Specialist Units across the United Kingdom come together for a week of sport and activity at the Birthplace of the Paralympic Movement.

Patients receive coaching and demonstrations from current leading wheelchair sports athletes and coaches in a variety of sports which include archery, rugby, athletics, fencing, basketball, powerlifting, boccia, swimming, shooting and tennis.

During the event they experience first-hand what can be achieved, both in terms of sport and an independent lifestyle and discover the tremendous benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Games are sometimes a participant’s first experience outside a hospital environment since their injury, and provide a pathway to finding out the tremendous benefits that sport and physical activity can have on people’s lives.