CSUS Tennis Club

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CSUS Tennis Club

Welcome to the California State University of Sacramento (CSUS) Tennis Club. The CSUS Tennis Club is a student organized club on campus that celebrates the sport of tennis and gives students a chance to share together the fun of the sport.

The CSUS Tennis Club meets up five times a week as schedules allow from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at the university tennis courts.

The tennis club has a long history at CSUS and has been organized on campus for many many years. All students that enjoy the sport of tennis are encouraged to join the club, whether you are a seasoned tennis pro who played on your high schools tennis team or you have just found your inspiration and are brand new to the game. The CSUS Tennis Club is a fun freeform opportunity to play the game with fellow students.

Joining the club costs $50 dollars a semester, and all dues go to helping the club maintain tennis equipment used by the club, helps organize CSUS Tennis Club events on and off campus, and is organized by the CSUS Tennis Club leadership board that club members vote in on an annual basis.